New Salvatore Ferragamo

  1. I got a great deal from Saks (but it took forever to get the order straightended out) on a Salvatore Ferragamo Gancio leather Flap bag in Chocolate. Retail was $1750, got it for $615. I will post pictures asap. Any other Ferragamo girls out there?
  2. Same as this one, only chocolate brown.
    salvatore ferragamo gancio flap bag.jpg
  3. Congrats!! Great deal and beautiful!

    Ferragamo was my first designer bag. Classy and understated. I think I paid $270 for it on sale about 10 years ago!! It's gotten too pricey for me lately - so you found one at an excellent price!

    There are a few threads about them lurking about if you do a search.
  4. Congrats! Great bag at an amazing price.

    I have one bag and several paris of shoes.
  5. nice! :smile: i actually love ferragamo mainly because it's classy & timeless. & like someone else said, it's understated. but wow, great deal!
  6. Great find! I bet it looks even better in brown. I've never owned a Ferragamo, but they look extremely nice. Please do post pics when it comes!
  7. Great buy, Ferragamo is a great quality, known for classy bags and shoes.
  8. great price! i love Ferragamo. great quality from their shoes to their bags and wallets. congrats!
  9. Congratulations! I love Ferragamo too! I have the iconic black handbag.
  10. Here is a picture, I'm really happy with it. Had myself convinced I'd check it out and return it, but its a keeper. The leather is really yummy.
    salvatore ferragamo bag.jpg
  11. What a beautiful bag! Congrats!
  12. thats a beautiful bag at a GREAT price!!! congrats :drinks:
  13. Soo yummy!

    I love that bag. I'm glad you are keeping it.

    Ferragamo scarves and shoes make me happy, and the purses are just an extension of the love.
  14. Black, my favorite neutral.