*NEW* Sally Hershberger HAIR PRODUCTS!!!

  1. I just heard about these in Marie Claire mag. Apparently it's a new line from her and only available at Walgreens (?!) It's not too pricy either.

    Has anyone seen or tried it yet?

  2. Oh i would love to try it.
  3. awesome, thanks for sharing, im going to pick up some of the styling products next time im at walgreens!
  4. ^^Great! Let us know what you think!
  5. *bump*
  6. That's so not expensive! I'd love to try it out, but I don't think I could get it here in the Netherlands...
  7. ^^I know! That's what I thought too! Good for her for making a hair care line and selling it at affordable prices. I'm going to try it out this weekend!
  8. So I purchased a few of her items and so far so good. I got the shampoo and conditioner for fine hair (my hair is fine - yet thick?) and also the waves foam and shagg spray.
  9. I've used for a week now and I love! Especially her "waves mousse" stuff!