New Saleya MM pics!

  1. My husband has been going crazy in LV lately! This is my 4th bag in a month that he's bought for me. I sent him into lv yesterday to get my agenda heat stamped. He was working near the galleria yesterday so I asked him to do it. Plus, I know if I go in there, I'll just buy something. I told him last week I wanted the saleya pm for my next bag sometime next year. He looked at the pm and thought it was too similar in size to my duomo and speedy, so he bumped me up a step to the MM!! What am I going to do with him?! I know I can't trust myself to go in there, and apparantly I can't trust him either! So, I am the proud new owner of a saleya mm. I can't believe how huge this bag is. Now, get this----he traded in his frequent flyer miles for Saks gift cards and has told me when they get here, I am to buy another lv!! I insisted he buy himself something, but he said since we don't ever get lv discounts, he wants me to get a bag with these gift cards. Free lv, the best and most rare kind. I'll get a new "family" picture taken when my agenda gets returned to me, but for now, here's the saleya mm:
    Picture 001.jpg Picture 002.jpg
  2. Congrats, it's gorgeous!!!!!! Wow, you are so lucky!!!!
  3. WOW! tell me what you feed your husband and give me the recipe!!!!!!!!! :yes:

    Congrats on the new bag... and the LV crazed hubby :smile:...
  4. wow what a sweet husband! congrats!
  5. Gorgeous!!!
  6. Congrats's! Yeah for you!
  7. Wow, you're so lucky. Very nice. What a great hubby too.

  8. Thanks, all! I always joke that he should have been a woman as much as he loves to shop for purses!
  9. Wow - what a sweet hubby! Your bag is beautiful - enjoy!
  10. Congart's, very nice bag!

  11. how lucky you are, i wish i have the same husband who shops LV purses for me :P

    congrats on the new Saleya PM, it's gorgeous! :yahoo:
  12. i luuuuv it in damier!
  13. ur so lucky to have a husband who buys you 4 bags in a month.Wish mine was like that.Congratulations and enjoy ur bags
  14. Enjoy your MM Saleya! It's beautiful...:angel: :flowers: :love:
  15. You are so lucky. Enjoy your new purse :smile: