new sales contest at work - I get to pick a bag!

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  1. I love being in sales - one of the manufacturers I support is running a new contest - top sales both female and male get to pick an award. For females it is a bag - it runs October, November, December! I am usually at the top so he told me they created this contest for me!!! :yahoo:
    I am truly excited! Can you imagine choosing 3 bags? I am guessing I will have a $400 limit. What would you choose??? This is awesome, I am thinking of branching outside Coach too.
  2. Wow!!!!
    Is this at your Full time job? How exciting!!!! I hope you win!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  3. Yes it is my full time job, and I am sure I will win! I am always their number 1 rep (at least female) that's why he created this for me! So far I am leading October and am the only girl on the list!
  4. Very Nice!!! I have never had a contest with me in mind!!! You are greatly valued at your job!!! Good Luck!!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  5. So cool, very exciting!!! Do you have a running wish list?
  6. I'm trying to create one :smile: ... probably at least one Sophia. I will need your help, ladies! Who would you look at besides Coach in the $400 range?
  7. where is it that you work?
  8. I work for a hardware/software reseller, we sell different manufacturers like Microsoft, HP, IBM, etc.
  9. Madison shoulder bag. Sophia.
  10. oh okay cool. well i would want coach! a mia maggie in cranberry,or a sophia in the clover leaf green
  11. Marc by Marc Jacobs has some nice bags in that price range. Also Rebecca Minkoff...The Rebecca Minkoff MAC is an amazing bag (I was surprised how much I love this bag), and the color choices are TDF! I have a periwinkle MAC with silver hardware, and the bag is surprisingly versatile.
    For Coach, I would love a Sophia...
  12. That's amazing! Keep up the GREAT work and show us what you get! ;)
  13. I'm collecting a list of options and will post them soon. :smile: thanks for the support.
  14. I am a fan of Kate Spade, and many are in that range...Also Michael Kors.
  15. Best of luck, although it sounds like it's already 'in the bag' for you...pun intended!