New Sale Items on!!

  1. I just got myself a cognac Mahala for 50% off! I hope I like the color!:shrugs: It was too good a deal to pass up! They have 3 purple Maddys left for 50% off, a tan watersnake Ramona for 50% off and a bunch of other stuff! Good luck!
  2. I can't get the stupid website to work!
    I've been trying to buy on there for 20 mins.
  3. Comes up as the regular retail price :sad:

    Thank you for the link though....
  4. Darn!

    I've been trying several times and cannot get the bag I want to check out at the sale price :crybaby::crybaby:
  5. all the Maddys that are on sale seem to be out of stock.:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  6. LadyChinaDoll...There is still a tan watersnake Ramona left, bla and burgundy sold out. Good luck:tup:
  7. :wtf:Oh noooo...a biker leather and watersnake trim Ramona! :drool: Thank god :sweatdrop: it's not burgundy or a Ring or I'd have been ALL over that one (and divorced from DH, too). I loooove JC's biker leather :heart:
  8. I just checked...the purple one is still available!

  9. Thanks I just snagged a tan ramona.

    Congrats on the mahala. I love the cognac color!! It is so rich. I just bought a cognac malena yesterdya at Saks.
  10. They are not coming up on sale for some reason, but I will call and get an adjustment tomorrow. $800 is too good a deal to pass up for a Maddy!!
  11. Did you go ahead and buy it and then you're going to call?
  12. ooh - I am so tempted on the purple maddy but I just can't - can I???
  13. I thought of the purple maddy as well, but I think I'm gonna pass. Two Maddys are enough.
  14. ^Of course you can! You want it, you NEED must get it!