New sale items at Dooney & Bourke

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  1. Some new items have been added.

  2. they've got half this stuff at my tjmaxx right now.
  3. while on the topic of Dooney and Bourke, has anyone ever venture into their outlet stores ?? Are the prices there really good ?? Or are
    the prices still high for an outlet store.

    I have a couple of gifts to buy for a few girls and I think I want to get
    some dooney stuff for them.....

  4. I went to their outlet at Woobury Common Premium Outlet last year, and I was very disappointed. But the good thing is the prices were about 50% off.
  5. Did you remember seeing any of those wristlets .. seems some of the young girls are really into them !! and did you notice the price of them ??

  6. I went to the outlet at prime outlets in williamsburg, their prices were fair, but alot of the bags were stamped irregular.
  7. not bad.
  8. No, I don't remember seeing any wristlets.
  9. i think it smells really weird in there. but anyway, last time i went, stuff was marked down to 70% off.
  10. I have not been in quite a few years but I do not remember any
    smell... the thing I did notice was that when I went (it was late afternoon ..) very few customers and the SAs...were not friendly at all !!!

    But I still am hoping for any good deals there !
  11. 70%!? Geez! lol, wish we had a D&B outlet.
  12. Anyone know if these outlets have some sort of preferred customer list to sign up for .... to be informed of their upcoming sales ??
  13. Thanks for the update!