New sale items at Bloomingdales

  1. Furla Suede/Leather Hobo $189

    Botkier Bryant Large Hobo $291.55

    It says the Bryant will ship in March... hopefully they don't cancel my order...

  2. thanks............i missed out on the botkier it is gone!!! but i was able to get MBMJ
    saddle posh for 158!!
    and also MBMJ turnlock satchel in bordeaux for 274
    hope they don't get cancelled!!!!

    let's keep checking
  3. what a fiasco
    i made about six orders all this morning and five were cancelled
    the only one not cancelled so far is a marc jacobs nylon cosmetics pouch!
  4. Same here, I love that one!!!!!!!!!
  5. they had the kooba large ruched satchel on there for $316 after 30% off..wondering if it will all be cancelled if people actually order it..i'm tempted..but not my color..
  6. However the infamous "Availability: On order: usually ships within 44 business days". They might as well change that phrase to " no purse for you"
  7. This always happens to be -I think it's a function of their web inventory management system - instead of telling you the bag is out of stock, it tells you it's coming in a few months - I mean how many end of season sale bags are going to get reordered - like, none!! Another annoying thing about their website and catalogs- they list all the sizes/colors on sale items, but when you call or go online they have one left. Oh well, my bank account likes it when that happens;)
  8. lolololl you are soooooo right! lol
    wonder if another store has just as good sales and does it right on line??
  9. great deals!
  10. yes they are great deals for the ones you actually receive! i know i sound crazy but it is worth trying for five or so just to get that one great bargain!
  11. Within 44 business days????? Are they serious?
  12. so upsetting......they need to get flooded with emails
  13. Those punks cancelled my order this morning:tdown:<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>