new sale - DIY flash sale


Jan 12, 2009
Create your own summer look and save - choose one item and save 40%, 2 items 50%, three or move 60%

+ it'll offer a bonus item at 40% off.

There are 4 rows of items you can combine for the discounts - you're supposed to make a summer look so you can choose only 1 from each row

row 1 - erol, friends of al, green is good, lava tambourine bag
row 2 - new scarves
row 3 - swinsuits
row 4 - wide lava cuff, cloud tag, round green luggage tag, glasses case

not sure if this is any better or worse pricing than the last sale.
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Nov 24, 2008
After reading Shanimal's post about her little chat with the Ben-ster their sale just feels like a trick to set up more targets (us) for contempt. Didn't Toni say in one of her e-mails she likes getting a fabulous deal??

Ok, wait a minute, I just realized it's not a two way street.....she's a smart shopper, we're scum. Got it now, thanks Benji. Oh, and now I remember why I left Ben and took up with Marc Jacobs. :nogood:


Oct 18, 2009
Marc used to be a bespectacled and professorial visionary he's just a hot visionary genius. Do you think he'll take on Chanel after Karl has moved (or passed) on?

Ben just married into the promise of genius.

I was decidedly underwhelmed by the sale. They're trying to dump the spring line because they received their shipment so late. Everything spring and summer is on sale everywhere.
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Jan 24, 2009
Ugh, I'm so disgusted with myself for even checking out this sale! I have to say, I'm totally fed up by customer service, but I keep looking, because I still love the designs. I definitely do NOT need to spend anymore money, and I hate dealing with them, so why can't I quit them? I have a little bit of credit left, and I've convinced myself the Noemi anorak would be perfect for an upcoming trip I'm taking (to Iceland!) And I'm sort of in lust with the pink peacock scarf. I feel like I'm going to have to give up cold turkey!


Jul 25, 2008
The Noemi Anorak does look pretty great, shanimal. The HHHotties that have purchased it have all been very happy with it.

I'd love to go to Iceland! I spent 2 hours in Reykjavik (sp!) airport in the 80's, but that really doesn't count!