New sale bags at (not last call) Miu Miu $475!

  1. And they still have the extra 25% off. It's a pain to go through each type of bag, though.

    This yellow Miu Miu is cute, going for $475 with the additional 25% off. Especially since brights are suppose to be in this Spring! :rolleyes:

    And an oversized Yves Saint Laurent Muse for under $1K!
  2. Aaah! That Muse is calling my name...

  3. Definitely colors are in for spring. Some good buys here but nothing reached out and grabbed me yet.
  4. OMG - I can't believe I missed out on the Miu Miu... I had that bookmarked too! :cursing:
  5. the yellow miu miu was beautiful!!!!