New Sale at Corsa Collections-pics!!

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  1. Hi Ladies

    Just spoke to a really nice lady at Corsa Collections, and they have a 50% off sale for some bags from the 2006 Cruise Collection. The knot clutch is 50% off $1780, the Sardegna canvas shopper 50% off 1390, the canvas shopper with buckle/ chain detailing, 50% off $1680 retail:yes: :heart: Get them while they are still available! No sales tax and very reasonable shipping!

    Here are some pics that I got:

    Here's their # if you want to call: 702) 733-9442

  2. Thanks a lot!
    I just called...they only have some canvas left.
  3. all those bags are cute but not in love with any to buy. congrats to whoever got one.