New saddle and wallet from the sale!

  1. Hello everyone,

    I went to central London today to check out what was on sale and of course I went to Knightsbridge to hunt for items. I was a bit disappointed when i got off the tube and Harrods was closed so I just trudged on to Dior in Sloane. I passed by gucci on the way and there was a massive queue outside, they've already opened but they must have been jampacked inside to limit the people going in. Madness! Anyway, I was worried that Dior might be the same but glad it wasn't. There was a lot of people inside but thank god no queues!

    Guys, you must check out your stores and outlets, it's a massive sale, some items are 50% off - yup 50% :nuts: :heart:. It's not the newest stocks though, but it's a good catch up if you missed items before.

    I got a denim embroidered saddle bag and a detective wallet. I just love them but the price is just wonderful, both of them were 50% off.
    denim-saddle.jpg red_detective_wallet.jpg
  2. I love the denim saddle. Very cute and excellent deals!
  3. I love that demin saddle, were there quite a lot of saddle bags? I'm hoping to go there this weekend!
  4. Thanks a lot, Sunnydqt :heart:


    There were 3 saddle bags on sale, the denim one I bought, a flight shearling and a brown leather embroidered with flowers. Hope that helps. :smile:
  5. Hey Chrystalline!

    Those are some very gorgeous finds you've got there! :drool::drool: that red detective wallet is convincing me that i need to go to the dior in manchester tomorrow, even if i'm dead broke right now.

    by the way, harrods' sale starts tomorrow - they extended the hours from 9am to 9pm apparently! i was thinking of checking out harrods on the 29th actually!
  6. Ooooh I love the denim saddle, I wish there was a standalone Dior boutique in Toronto ! :sad:
  7. Zerodross - thanks, good luck on the sale, hope you find excellent deals :graucho:

    Ayla - thanks very much, I haven't been to a Dior sale before and was pleasantly surprised they cut their prices really low. :smile:
  8. Amazing! Here nothing goes on sale :sad:
  9. That detective wallet is too cute, congrats!
  10. congrats!!
  11. i love ur denim saddle :heart: .. wallet is so cute tooo

    congrats :flowers:
  12. Oh I've always wanted that Detective wallet...didn't know it was on sale already!
  13. love your new purchases!