New Saba bag and....sunglasses??

  1. I don't want to take over Robyns thread about new SS08 stuff so I'll post these here for comment.
    Robyn mentioned the new hobo was pictured in the new British vogue, so when I ran across it at the grocery store and found the pic I thought I should bring it home and post some pics.

    Here's the bag, which I'm really loving. I love simple, roomy, which just a bit of flash.


    So it looks like it'll be available in black suede and creamy leather. I'm hoping for other colors! :biggrin:

    I also noticed when flipping through the mag a spread with a model wearing sunglasses labeled as Choo's, which was a little surprising to me.

    Here's the Image with a zoom on the details below.


  2. bella please don't EVER worry about posting in any of the threads I start;)

    This forum is way too laid back for anyone to feel like they can't jump into a thread and jump off topic or switch directions! I am sure you have read through many previous threads here and it's quite obvious we are all guilty of getting sidetracked one way or another:whistle:

    Love the photos and I hope you will be sure and buy one of those Fantastic bags:choochoo: I do think the sunglasses are from another designer from the way I interpret it, but I may be way off:wacko:
  3. Which has always been a pet peeve of freaking off topic these Choo girls can get. Drives me mad I tell ya! :hysteric:

    Now me? I'm a stick to the issue at hand kind of gal. I tend to run a tight ship at home so I just don't think it should be all that difficult to do the same here. Ultimately I tend to be the one who gets everyone back in line....and let me tell you, it's a full time job! ;)

    Anyway....what were we talking about? Oh yeah....the above bag! OMG! I loved Robyn's photo of the bag in black suede, but now I love it even more! :yahoo: Nothing like seeing a bag you think is swell in an issue of Vogue, eh? :p

    Anyone know what the price is going to be for the suede??
  4. Not too long ago there was an article in British Vogue about Tamara Mellon where she talked about the company's plans for the future, including branching out by adding sunglasses and swimwear to the repertoire, if I recall correctly. So maybe those glasses really are by JC..?:supacool: Can't even imagine what the swimwear will be like, just a wild guess that they will be pieces better suited for a 20-year old model than us ladies here:sad:.
  5. I remember an SA once told me that JC will be branching out into sunglasses! But that was like a year ago...
  6. the bag is it!:love: thanks for posting bella. :flowers:like the sunnies too!:supacool:

  7. Glorious! :love: Thanks Bella! Yeah, I hope it comes in more colors but this cream is looking great! Thanks for posting. :okay: Fill us in if you find more stuff!