New S/S2007 bag called Victoria 'something'

  1. I'm really bad at names. I saw a new east-west shoulder tote that is in gold clemence. It's got 2 way zippers and a lock in the middle. Looks like a fantastic travel bag. Can someone please help me with the actual name? Does anyone own one?
  2. I wanna see:wtf:
  3. It's a rather slouchy bag too. A VVIP customer was carrying it, and the name escapes me now. She's the only one where I am, who owns it.
  4. MrsS it does seem like your boutique is pretty cutting edge. You get everything rather quickly in the new styles. Lucky you!
  5. I think it is called Victoria 35 Fourre Tout...
    Looks similar to the traditional Prada bag.
    It is really beautiful and very practical,i saw it in black clemence in Germany costs EUR 2.690.
  6. :nuts: I'd love to see pictures. Did anybody see one of these somewhere?
  7. Does it looks like a travel bag more than a daily tote?
    It costs more than 30 grand HKD.
    Lined in fabric but still heavy for everyday use. Good for travel though but please make sure the neighbour that shares the compartment does not leak water, pop, juice:wtf: !
  8. Er .... Please teach me how to pronounce "Fourre Tout". It was repeated to me twice in the store and I still can't get the hang of it, and am of course too embarrassed to ask again! It means something like "everything"????
  9. Yes, my peko. The VVIP customer did say she bought it specially as a travel tote. But I can't see why she can't use it as a daily tote. It looks so casual and practical anyway. It is lined in soft canvas, like the material of our sleeper bag.
  10. Do you think they would have named it after VB? I mean they did for Grace Kelly, Jane Birkin, and Elle McPherson. Mmmmm...:confused1:
  11. pronounced faur tooo, means stick everything

    good name for a tote :smile:
  12. Thank you, twinkle. :flowers:
  13. You ladies are just so great!
  14. Any idea how large, in cm's, this bag is?
  15. And it's definitely smaller than the travel Victoria?