NEW S/S shoes are up!

  1. Go and have a look a ! You're in for some hot surprises!:yes:
  2. Oh Wow thank you.
  3. I don't see them :sad:
    Maybe they took them down?
  4. I don't seem them either.. Instead I saw some new bags XL Denim and Suhali Lockit in gold/silver coulours..
  5. if you can't see them go to the reference section and check out the sticky spring summer 2008 the summary pics thread or you can find a link in my sig (just not this post as i'm on my cell & it doesn't add sigs)
    for an idea on us prices double the price you see in the pic
  6. Check out the catalogue/catalog sections. ^_^ Not the e-shopping sections.
  7. Oh I was blinded for some reason and wasn't aware until now there was a reference library section.. ha:sweatdrop:
    All the photos posted there are awesome.. :drool:
  8. i love the Dahlia sandals! :nuts:
  9. Interesting styles but totally not me.