New S/S 07 Diviiiiiiiiiiiiiine!

  1. These are incredibly delicious bags...I absolutely love them..

    If anyone has any information on their names or where and when exactly they will be launched please let me know..

    Swanky Mama do you have any idea?
    00140t.jpg 00440t.jpg 00600m.jpg 00630m.jpg
  2. OOH! I like #3..kinda Cabas gone wild..LOL
  3. I like the last one! :drool:
  4. I like #3 too! Where'd you get the pics?
  5. i :heart: #3
  6. I like number 3 also.
  7. lol Maxter Im chanel obsessed :smile:

    which one do you like?
  8. For the last one Megs did a blog entry about it. Its the charms should be under the blog section.
  9. I like the last one as well!!
  10. #3 and #4 :drool:
  11. LOL..i love it!! i was thinking that too...
    ...these probably won't hit stores january or late february...
  12. I am in lust/love/want/need over the fourth! tres nice!
  13. :heart: #3!
  14. Love 3 and 4.
  15. i love the 4th one:love: