NEW: Rouge Vif Courier on eBay - BIN $1375

  1. wow, that's a lot of rouge vif!!!

    p.s. does anyone find her description of "hot and smooshy" kind of funny?
  2. :lol: I actually was going to comment on the "Hot" part. Putting "Hot & Smooshy" together just makes it sound kinda like something else that isn't as desirable. Kinda like that song..."When you're heading off to first and you feel a big fat burst..."

    But it is eye catching so the heading certaintly did its job. The bag is amazing!
  3. lol, i :heart: it, go livethelake!!! :yahoo:
  4. :upsidedown: When you get that great B-leather, you gotta call it for what it is! Red's hot and that leather looks ultra smooshy!!!

    Good luck LTL! What an awesome bag.............
  5. It looks great!! LVR will have it as well for 725 Euros. I'd like to have a courier for trips with my son but I'd probably go with a black.
    Good luck, live!!
  6. 725 Euros ($927.10) is a great price. The courier retails for $1175 plus tax in the US :sad: .

    Thanks really is hot and smooshy :yes:
  7. ha ha...I believe you!!!:roflmfao:

    It really is gorgeous, livethelake, good luck with your sale!!!