New Rouge VIF City *pics*

  1. Here she is, She was hardly used.

    Thanks to all of you ladies for posting pics of the rouge VIF color. I never thought I could own a red bag, but I changed my mind after seeing all of yours. She is as spectacular as you all have raved about.

    I've included a family pic of my four city bags.
    bodyshot1.jpg bodyshot2.jpg redbag1.jpg redbag2.jpg family5.jpg
  2. Love it! I have the exact same bag and reach for it ALL OF THE TIME with my winter blacks and grays to give me some color! I never thought that I was a red person either before this bag and now I am addicted to red. Enjoy it!
  3. it looks great on you. congrats!
  4. great looking bag!!! I have it too in the first. You are going to LOVE it!
  5. YAY! Another Rouge Vif girl! It looks GREAT on you... I think you'll find it's an incredibly versatile bag. Congratulations!:yahoo:
  6. Color and the leather looks so~~ gOOD congrats~
  7. It looks fantastic on you. :love: Is your Blue City the Cornflower?:s
  8. Nanaz, yes it is cornflower. I also have 05 black and 06 lilac.
  9. Gorgeous and looks great on you!
  10. My two favorite colors, Cornflower and Lilac.:drool: Great choice of colors.:smile:
  11. Beautiful!:love: Congrats!:yes:
  12. Congrats!!!!
    Rouge VIF is absolutely gorgeous!!
  13. rouge vif is beautiful!! congratulations!
  14. Love it!! I never thought i'd be a red person either. Now i have a rouge vif city and a rouge theatre city. Excessive, i know!
  15. congrats!!! Its so gprgeous!