NEW: Rouge Vermillion Giant city on Ebay :-D

  1. First - I saw this bag IRL and to me, the giant hardware is just too big on the city. I'm warming up to it on the work but I also didn't like the color of the shiny brass on the vermillion.
  2. thats some seriously big hardware... I dont think I personally like the combo. I'm just not a gold person really.
  3. I definitely don't like it on the red. I've really liked the black Cities with GH that I've seen but just can't seem to take the plunge.
  4. Not sure about the hardware, but I really like the color! TDF!
  5. ITA:yes: That color is quite STUNNING, but me no likey the GH.:shrugs:

    Also, am I understanding the pricing correctly??? $1999 US dollars??? Is this how much the GH City is retailing for in the US??? Just a bit curious.
  6. Giant City is $1595 in USA. I only like the Cafe and Natural with GH. The brighter colors look so overpowering with GH.:smile:
  7. Not a fan of the giant hardware... too much for my eyes!
  8. I LOVE that color! But where are the tassels? :confused1: It needs tassels!
  9. I wish they were making the Giant Hardware in silver as well the gold - I would love to see what that would look like against some of the 07 leathers.