New -Rose Bleeker Duffle No. 11423. Come and see!

  1. Hi all:

    I am just posting this picture of my new Bleeker Rose Duffle as a color reference for those who are considering anything in this color. I really don't care for it and find it washed out - think of a persimmon color and this is what you have. This color reminds me of the red clay adobe homes in the Southwest which is nice but I was hoping for vivid Spring color. I did order this bag as well in Canary Yellow which I saw today at my store. The canary color is stunning and electric. I know that I will love it! I will post pictures of it next week when I receive it. :yes:
    IMG0001_29.jpg IMG0005_2.jpg IMG0004_11.jpg IMG0002_14.jpg
  2. Liz,

    The color is very pretty in the photos, but if you don't love it...back she goes! Do you carry any other bleeker duffles right now?
  3. TejasMama, I carry the Bleeker Duffle in Bottle Green (large one No. 11423). I love it so much that decided I must have one of the new Spring colors. I also carry the Bleeker Laced Flap in Walnut No. 11446. I really feel that I got two of the best bags that Coach made for the Fall Season. The color below is the new Spring Green but I have the darker Bottle Green which I love so much. I carried her today.


  4. I'm just not feelin that color. I do like the new green though! :tup:
  5. Here is another photo for color reference. It is my Khaki/Beet Carly next to my Bleeker Flap in Rose. You can see that the Rose is quite a bit lighter than the Beet on my Carly. Not a fire engine red, definately, but still a very pretty red.
    Carly and Rose.JPG
  6. it reminds me of a really tacky nailpolish color :lol: but thats just me lol
  7. Liz: the bag is BEAUTIFUL, but I agree....if you are not feeling the color, she should go back!!! That canary yellow sounds HOT!!! Cant wait to see pics!!!!
  8. Hm, I don't really like it, but I LOVE the green!

    If you're not really enjoying it, I say send it back!
  9. I love this color. In person it is just so pretty. Truly an electric bag!

  10. I think it's a nice color just not what I had hoped for either. If it were fall it'd be a color I'd be interested in but not while waiting for spring to arrive! Thank you for posting, Liz!
  11. They should have named this color something other than "rose"... when I think of Coach rose, I think of the beautiful dusty pink of the Legacy bags. This color just..... I don't even know. It just needs a different name. Haha.
  12. I love the yellow!! Can't wait for the pics!
  13. They should have called it terra cotta. That is what it looks like or even persimmon would have been good.

  14. Yes!! Kaki (persimmon in Japanese) is very much what it looks like...
  15. i love the pool!!!