New Rond - zipper question

  1. Hi Everyone!

    Nice to meet ya'll!!

    I just recently started viewing the Louis Vuitton threads and am happy to report I just purchased my first LV piece: MOCA Murakami Rond.

    I have a question to all you lovely LV owners - Is the zipper of a new LV typically tighter? I find that as I try to unzip my Rond it takes some effort and doesn't zip or unzip smoothly - sometimes feels sticky. Does the zipper eventually break in or should I take it back to the store to check it out? Has this been addressed on the boards already? (I tried looking through faqs but couldn't find anything on this zipper issue). I'm an LV newbie so any advice is greatly appreciated!

  2. I'm guessing that the round shape has something to do with the zipping/unzipping not being smoothly as you would like. The Rond is my LV in that shape, although it doesn't feel sticky but I did put a tad bit of effort in the zipper. :s
  3. I have a mini lin rond from a few years back and that zipper sticks every time I use it - I love the thing - but the zipper is kind of a pain.
  4. Thanks for your responses! I feel more confident now about not having a defective Rond. What do you like to put in yours?
  5. I carry quarters in mine for parking meters and barista tips :rolleyes: I mentioned in another thread that a friend of mine uses hers to carry her jewelry when she travels, as it easily slips into her purse, which I thought was a great idea.
  6. I don't use mine out anymore, just because my Pochette Cles is more pocket friendly and fits cards, but Change, folded notes, keys, gum - I only really used it when I'm went to a movie or anywhere else I'd be paying in cash. But yeah, a slight pain to open/close. I used some WD40 on its zipper with almost negligible results.
    Right now it's in a drawer doing a great job as a condom case*

    *I of course keep it open due to the sticking zipper issue :smile:
  7. i think it is like that for all new item. it will eventually get smoothier with use.