New rolling trunks (luggage) by Marc Newson

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  1. Have you all seen the new luggage that LV will be releasing? They call it a rolling trunk and it's designed by Marc Newson who is a famous industrial designer.

    Video and pics can be seen here:

    I've been wishing LV would update its luggage because I travel a lot and have been wanting a new carry-on. I'm thinking getting the graphite one (wish they had one in cobalt). It'll be in graphite, monogram, eclipse, epi and taiga. Seems like the epi one gets the most colors.

    What do you think?

  2. Hmm... Not a fan of how the monogram doesn't really align around the zipper.

    Also, I don't like how wide the handle is. When traveling, I sometimes put the handles of my bag around the handle of my carryon to secure it. It seems like it would be impossible with this luggage. I also like the classic luggage tag.

    But hey, the more variety, the more unique each piece is! And I do overall like the design, I just don't think it would be practical for my use.
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  3. Also, I don't like the fact that the Monogram Canvas was made 50% thinner. I'd prefer if it was thicker, even if it made the luggage heavier. Let's just hope this "new and improved" canvas doesn't make it's way to handbags and SLGs.
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  4. This type of canvas has already been used on all the men's "ultralight" bag collection.
  5. Really? Because in the article, it touted the canvas as something that was brand new and innovative.

    EDIT: When I first saw the Ultralight bags I thought they were nylon! Holy cow!
  6. Have you read about it? The wide handle is a design feature that allows more space inside the suitcase with a flat bottom.
    More space = awesome!
  7. I posted about these suitcases a few days ago in the New 2016 thread. In the articles I read, it said the canvas was the same as the "ultralight" canvas on the runway backpacks from men SS16.

    But whatever the canvas type, it is applied on a shell so the thickness will make zero difference. And 2.6 kgs is a much lighter suitcase than anything LV currently offers. I think this will be a very appealing product for frequent flyers!
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  8. That's true.
  9. I think they are discontinuing Zéphyr though... which is a shame because it's gorgeous...
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  10. That is a shame! I liked the Zephyr because the front of the bag was reinforced too, unlike the Pegase which (I think?) has a soft front that is susceptible to ripping, especially when it is checked in at the airport.
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  11. I texted my SA about this and she said:

    They launch today in select stores, and it will launch in our store September 30th. I can put you on reservation at a store that launches today, as it is by reservation only. It will require a 50% deposit, and it may take time to fulfill the request.

  12. I like them a lot. And also I think it is true LV spirit (and long overdue) to have a real modern practical piece of luggage.
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  13. I like the monogram one because instead of silver I think that long hardware around the sides is a light brushed Gold (I hope).
  14. A quick update. Yesterday I called my SA to order the cabin size damier graphite one. She said it was $3,180 (which is cheaper than the current Zephyr in similar size and bigger in volume). She took my CC info and then called a couple stores that had it to see if she could put me on the reservations list (with 50% down).

    Just moments ago she texted me that a store has one for sale and will ship it my local store. Can't wait to have it next week! Will post pics once I have it. As a frequent flyer I'm going to cherish and use this piece a lot.
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  15. Hmm... Looks like powdered gold colored aluminum imho. I think it will look like the gold aluminum used for iPhones.
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