New Roll-y Suitcase!

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  1. *Squeeeeeeee!* Did you see? And the duffle! I'm a traveler so that's a bad (yet awesome) thing.
  2. Pics?
  3. I remember seeing a lady at the airport Avis (I think) with one of those. If it came in gold or punch, I would be all over it!!
  4. I'm thinkin I need the Boston traveler bag linked on that same page.
  5. loving this! wish it came in black sig though!!
  6. Cute! I do love Coach suitcases!
  7. ahh I love that suitcase!! I wish it came in black though. I love the Boston bag as well!!
  8. I do love it.

    Although since I just purchased a weekend bag, I need to back away from the mouse on that one.
  9. I absolutely love love love this style!!!
  10. Nice!
  11. I really want the Boston, I think it's so stinkin' cute! But I already have a black minisig weekender so it wouldn't match. :sad: Oh well.

    The wheel along is cute too.

    Just be careful with Coach travel stuff. Never check it. When I worked at the outlet, the ladies I worked with told me horror stories about people checking their luggage and then having it get stolen because it's Coach. So be very careful with it!

    Omg I just saw the Boston in the black/gunmetal! So it would kind of match...Except I think I might prefer the khaki sig look better...ugh. Now I don't know.