New Rock Flap

  1. Has anyone seen the large rock flap? i bought the medium rock flap last weekend but am thinking about the large one but haven't seen it yet but was called by sa yesterday. they told me the large rock flap is the size of a weekend bag.:crybaby:
  2. I've seen it and while it's a good bit bigger that the medium size I wouldn't say it's a weekender? IMO, it's smaller than the baby cabas and I wouldn't consider that a weekend bag? Mabye I have no idea what weekend bag really means:shrugs:
  3. i've seen the medium and have also heard the large one is massive. the medium is a good size! i like how you can wear it messenger style.
  4. Is there a small/med/large? Maybe I am calling the small medium. I am so confused.
  5. I love the small flap the best.