New Rock Bags


May 16, 2007
Ok, so while I was wandering around Madison Avenue in NYC instead of working I found myself in the Chanel store. Besides being followed around like a potential shoplifter (I was dressed in my site clothes, doing a rennovation on 66th and Madison) I was very turned off by the new Rock Bags in person. They had a red patent leather flap (1885?) and a black patent in two sizes. I must say, the patent leather looked cheap and the straps were not comfortable. Very stiff. I feel that the patent cabas was the best yet. These were a turnoff, almost as much of a turnoff as I was treated. The security guard was literally a foot behind me. I guess he failed to noticed my tru religion jeans, d&g t shirt, prada workboots,Rolex and Black Amex in my hand. Oh well. I was tempted to buy the big p-b overnight bag. But their lose...I will pick one in Vegas this weekend.