New Rocco in ROYAL....picture heavy!!!

  1. As promised, here are the pics of the anticipated ROYAL blue color in the Rocco style. This color is amazing, especially in the daylight! It has purple undertones....color is probably comparable to Bal Outremer (I used to have one and wish I had it for comparison pics) so I'm trying to go by memory. When I first saw the color last night I was a little underwhelmed but now that I've seen it in the day light, it's a WOW color for sure!
    DSC_0032.jpg DSC_0033.jpg DSC_0034.jpg DSC_0035.jpg DSC_0039.jpg DSC_0041.jpg DSC_0042.jpg
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    These 2 were taken outdoors, one with flash and one without. The previous pics were taken next to my sliders so it was daylight with flash.
    DSC_0043.jpg DSC_0044.jpg
  3. And now for the modeling pics: hand held, crook of arm, and shoulder carry:
    DSC_0036.JPG DSC_0037.JPG DSC_0038.JPG
  4. That's it ladies!!! What do you she a keeper?? ;) Those with more experience with AW bags, does the leather break in nicely?
  5. HOLY BEAUTIFUL!!!! Such a keeper!!

    Thanks for all the wonderful pics... It looks amazing on you. I just want to take a dive into that beautiful blue leather.

    I was hoping it wasn't anything like Bal's Outremer so I could justify owning both. Bummer... Please keep posting pics of your gorgeous Rocco, So lovely and drool worthy. :drool: Congrats!!!
  6. gorgeous! definitely a keeper :tup:
  7. Thanks Tara! It does look like something to dive into! I've had both the Electric Blue and the Outremer Bals but I could be totally off! Is there a store near you that sells AW that you could compare the 2 colors next to each other? I would love to know how close I am with the comparison. I may take more pics as the leather breaks in and with my things in it. Right now it has the 2 little pillows inside to round out the shape because I don't normally carry enough stuff to make the bag fill out completely.
  8. The color is absolutely stunning.. I just got a cobalt blue Proenza Schouler PS11. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.. can't wait for warmer weather to see more pics!
  9. :loveeyes:Heck yeah she's a keeper! GORGEOUS!
  10. Thank you uadjit!! I absolutely love the color! The reason I asked if she's a keeper (which I posted about in the other thread), is that the leather felt a little stiff to me at first-it was because it was left on my porch in this cold northeast weather for a while. It already feels softer and I'm hoping it really breaks in and gets super smooshy with use! :biggrin:
  11. Thanks cinnabun4chu! PS makes vibrant colors-I'm sure yours is stunning too!!:cool:
  12. WOW:loveeyes: What an outstanding and gorgeous color!! So rich and the silver HW sets it off perfectly. I won't lie, I am loving the new colors. Thank you so much for the great pics and congrats again on that beauty:flowers:

  13. Thanks tatertot!! :smile:

    Hmmmm....maybe I should switch bags tomorrow! I was going to let her sit on the shelf stuffed for a few days but I want to show her off now! :lol:
  14. Wow, that blue is pretty I love the saturation of the color.
  15. No way! Leave it stuffed overnite and switch in the morning for sure! :tup: