new RM shopping site debuting today!

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  1. according to RM's facebook update :smile:
  2. hmmm... is it up yet? It looks the same to me... except for the pics of the new bags in the main site page!! Or maybe they're just new to me?! :P
  3. I swear on facebook it said 4:00.
  4. I don't see that on her Facebook page anywhere??
  5. oh.. cool! I want to see!
  6. Are you a fan of RM on facebook? It was on their page (I think). Going to recheck.
  7. it does say at 4! facebook fans find out what it is first!

    you have to be a fan. its not listed on her actual page. it shows up on her updates if you are a fan! (i think anyway) i know it said fans find out first....
  8. but I am a fan! haha, literally and on facebook, obvs. but I thought the big news wasn't actually revealed until 4? is this speculation?
  9. I just went to the website.... has the Fall video on the homepage been up, or did they change it today?
  10. its after 4 and i don't see any updates. who knows!
  11. Hmmmm...this is exciting!! :nuts: The update's been coming for a while, no?
  12. Besides some new pics...I don't really see much change...thus far..
  13. I'm anxiously waiting for this announcement!
  14. ^^I know, I'm dying to know!
  15. I'm eagerly waiting too!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.