New RM on

  1. I think three new styles are on the website. Yay!
  2. O RLY? *Runs off to look*

    Ooh, awesome:
  3. ^^ They must be uploading as we speak...when I checked, there were only 3, and 5 minutes later there are 5!

  4. Ooh thank you Mockinglee! I was too lazy to post pics but Im really glad you did!:yes:

    I saw you post about the Jade Matinee, are you going to get it?
  5. I WANT to, but what I want, I can't always...AFFORD. Heh heh.
  6. The marine color is GORGEOUS! :love:
  7. ahhhhh, the violet is amazing! does anyone know which bags they'll have in violet?!
  8. That violet is gorgeous! I was trying to decide between the fushia/gold bottom and the violet. For me, I will get more use of the violet plain bag. I've officially pre-ordered the violet mam at Luna. Between that and the tangerine mam I'm also officially broke. ;)
  9. yay bag twin - can't wait for my pre-ordered violet MAM!!
  10. what does the violet mam look like?
  11. Wow new stuff! Thanks for the heads-up!
  12. There's supposed to be a violet matinee too-- all that deep purple will be gorgeous IRL. And I need a rose clutch. Then I have to stop.

    Hmm, what else can I sell to finance this addiction?
  13. I LOVE that hobo and the marine is sooo drool-worthy. "Wow" is all I can say.
  14. I just noticed there is a matinee in the new beautiful cobalt blue on eBay! It is droolworthy.... but I'm holding out for my Tangerine MAM!