New RM on Blue Fly!

  1. Hurry ladies, new bags on Blue Fly. :yahoo:
  2. I was just about to post!!! LOTS OF NEW BAGS hurry!!!
  3. I am tempted to get the sky blue..even though I REALLY REALLY want a night blue. What do you TPFers think? Should I wait for a night blue to come my way?
  4. I knew they were updating their stock. This bag is really unique and at a great price too.
  5. wow!!!! there's a ton on ther now!!!! i think i'm going for the brown Elisha, but i'm still waiting to hear about a Espresso MA from Plazatoo.
  6. i need the sage ma!
  7. There are some really beautiful bags on there! I like the cream MA a lot, but I would get it dirty in an instant!
  8. I think you should wait to get what you really want. A night blue will come along!
  9. yeah, i got the chocolate elisha for only $337! use code DORA137B for an extra $30 off $150 or more!!!!
  10. ^^'re on an RM rampage and I'm jealous.
  11. Pursegrl, that is a beautiful bag and I, too, am jealous!! Post pics when you get it!
  12. kraezykae & soccermom~

    i know, i a bit fanatic about RM at the moment! i'm actually not gonna get the saddle MA that i was thinking of getting and i'm probably going to sell my evergreen MAM cos i hardly ever use it. i definately post pics when i get the elisha!​
  13. HI!
    I like the sage one too, question, would SAGE be described as greyish? I can't really tell its true colour.
  14. janechin, I just started a thread on that color because I want one as well! LOL!
  15. I was going to place an order but it wouldn't accept the Dora code. They have some great selections today, though.