New Ring...what do you think!!!

  1. Saw this yesterday, and :heart: it!! I am not a jewelry person, but love really unique rings. It is just fun jewelry....pretty???
    gucci 001.jpg
  2. I like it! very art deco! Great find!
  3. I love it!!!!! it is really funky and different
  4. Thanks...somehow I missed the jewelry box...didn't even know this section was here!!!!
  5. I like it! It's very unique.
  6. Nice. Looks like interesting.
  7. Yeah, I am like, wow, we have jewelry section now? This just gets better and better.
  8. That is VERY cool! Great buy!
  9. I Love It! That Is A Ring I Would Definitely Buy!!!!!
  10. I love it too....I think it is so much fun!!! It was in the fine jewelry section of Hong Kong's version of Neiman Marcus (Lane Crawford). I walked the whole jewelry section not seeing anything, until I saw this...and lo and was about $150. I was so happy...and they treated it like I was buying a diamond...put it on the black velvet, gorgeous ring box, etc....I felt like a rockstar for a minimal price!!!!
  11. Only $150?! It's Gorgeous....Looks Like It Was Designed Special ~ You Are A Rockstar!!! :smile: Love The Background In Your Picture ~ What A View!
  12. Thanks...the view is Hong is what I look at while at my desk, typing on the PF when I am supposed to be working!!!!
  13. Really stunning and unique.....t looks fabulous on your long slim fingers!
    BTW, love the window view.
  14. That is a great big ring! So fun and colorful.
  15. really cute, i like it. looks good on you! :biggrin: