New reveal :)

  1. Antigona shopper :smile: pebbled leather. Got it with 40% off :biggrin:
    IMG_7003.jpg IMG_7004.jpg IMG_7011.jpg
  2. Beautiful!!! LOVE that pebbled texture. Congratulations!
    Great price too!
  3. congrats! love the leather on this one too!:smile:
  4. Can get more workhorsey than a black tote. Whats the inner lining color? Cant tell from my it fabric or something else?

    Doesn't the leather smell delish? At 40 off, score! Pls do some mod shots since we rarely see them on the sticky thread. TIA.
  5. The inner is white. No fabric. It looks white painted on the inside of the leather.

    And yes it smells so nice, Calf leather. Very soft leather too.
  6. What a beautiful and sure practical bag!
  7. Thanks all :smile:
  8. So glad to hear its leather inside, easier for wiping down...and calf will get pretty smooshy the more you use it. Congrats.
  9. I'm thinking of getting the one similar to it. The Large Antigona Tote as a travel/carry on bag but I'm not sure how practical it is bc it doesn't have a zipper and it reminds of the Neverfull too much. How are u liking it though? Do u find things easily?

    This is the one I'm thinking of getting.

  10. Oh and btw... Congrats. Lol.

  11. That one looks nice too! I haven't took the bag out with me yet. Will do 2mo. i just like the fact this bag so classic, and will never get out of style.
  12. Honestly, i think its missing something...maybe its too basic? Unless that's exactly what you want.. If not, try for a textured leather, or a color?
  13. Leather TDF! Congrats!!
  14. Yeah I was thinking that. It could easily be a bag from Zara or something. Nothin wrong with that but the price should make it a bit more distinct. Maybe getting one in a different color or texture will fix that. Thanks