New Reveal of a last year Limited Release

  1. Short and sweet. Artsy MM EMP Celeste went back and this baby came home along with a scarf for mother.

    Scarf from 2nd batch of collaborators for the scarf range. It suits her very well.:smile:
  2. Caligraffiti Scarf:smile:
    Bye bye artsy

    Hello Speedy Golden Arrow
    1377063004241.jpg 1377063057247.jpg 1377063094901.jpg
  3. And also its In the colour Boudreaux. A nice ree burgundy colour. Soooo pretty. Fall-Winter 2012-2013:smile:
  4. Awesome! Congrats!
  5. ab lovely :smile:
  6. Lovely ... the scarf is really nice too .. tried it on and was tempted but soon will be s/s and the thought of wearing a scarf here will be a very distant memory:p
  7. Nice!!
  8. Nice, congrats!
  10. Nooo way. When??? It was the only one that came in this morning. Not even taken out of the plastic bag. Haha. It even xomes with its own elastic for the box:smile: hehe. But its soo lighy it is flr slring summer. Its veerrry light weight. Soft to the touch as well:smile:
  11. Thank you so much. 2 very lucky ladies today:smile:
  12. very nice!
  13. It was in the store here a couple of weeks ago ... I like the stole dust bag too ... really nice as well. It will just be too hot soon:yucky:
  14. Very nice Alex ~ we need to see mum's collection!! :graucho:
  15. Thank you:smile: I will when no ones home. There are a looooot of scarves hehe:smile: ohh nd non lv bags as well. She has I think almost 11 designer bags. I think. Haha.