New Reveal! Lots of unknowns, though...!

  1. Hey everyone~
    So, I'm going to be posting a number of pictures of a Tano bag I managed to win on eBay at the cost of a bidding battle that I am hoping badly was not against one of you guys :/ I know, there's always going to be that chance of happening now but if I ultimately hadn't been the highest bidder I would have felt x10 better if I knew it was going to a fellow TPFer.

    With that having been said, let me know you what I nabbed!

    Style, color unknown. The listing said "Periwinkle" but this bag is a real chameleon! In indoor lighting it appears more like a true purple, but in natural light it is really indigo! It's a lovely color, unlike any other I own. The leather is thick, well worn but it does have some spots/dark areas which I figure are due to the leather aging, as well as some scratches. It is similar to the new Lux leather when it comes to its finish but it certainly isn't the same as the Hotspot and Zippy I own. It was listed as a used bag, after all.

    The interior and the very large 'Tano' label which, as far as my understanding goes, is a much older style. The interior fabric seems to be the same type as current bags however the slip in pockets are certainly different; they are not made of leather! And their sizes are not equal (my phone can only fit into one pocket as opposed to one or the other as it can with the recent bags).

    A close-up shot of one of the front pockets and hardware. The brass looks antiqued and is still sturdy. All the zippers still function well and the pockets are holding up. The front buckle is purely decorative.

    And finally, the strap. I love it, it meets all my requirements of a comfy and well-fitted shoulder strap. It's wide, the texture is smooth and adjusting it is simple. The leather itself is still slightly stiff and some areas still feel like it needs wearing it...don't mind if I do!

    If anyone can help me figure out what style and year this lovely bag is from I'd appreciate it :smile: I so love this purse!
  2. I was admiring your future bag on eBay....just lovely !! I absolutely love the color, should go with so many things and will be fun to carry as a "pop" of color. You got a Super Deal !!
  3. I have looked in the forum Tano Reference Library; no luck! The mystery continues (unless my Google-fu gets better!)...
  4. I believe this model is from 2004 - 2005, but don't know her name.
  5. She's beautiful! I was one of the people bidding, though I dropped out well before the end. (Just got another Tano on eBay, and two in such short order would have made the DH unhappy.) I'm glad to know she went to a good home. Congratulations!
  6. You could always ask Tano Expert! She may know what it is! But it looks wonderful and if you love it...that is all that matters right?