New Reveal: Gucci Soho Hobo... Is she a keeper or nah?

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  1. I'm the working woman that loves a great a great bag . Decided to purchase this hobo but still not sure how I feel about her ...
    Is she a keeper ? Is she a timeless piece ?

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  2. I think this is a really nice bag - the colour is gorgeous and classic :tup:.

    However, if you aren't 100% keen.. is there something else that has caught your eye?
  3. I love it.... I wanted the same bag but I already have 2 other pink handbags including a Gucci....

    IMO, its a Keeper!!
  4. Thanks !! As far as Gucci no not right now. This is my first red bag so I guess because it's not my norm I'm indecisive .I wanted to step out the box a little ..
  5. It's actually Gucci red does it look a little pink. I will post another pic sometimes it's the lighting .
  6. I think any of the Soho line in that red (or black) is a classic.

    Any bright that you're not used to will be a challenge.

    Although I went "WOW" in-store and had to buy, it then took me a while to get on with my bright green bags (Hermes) in the real world but now they're part of my signature look(s).
  7. I love it. Maybe try it on with different clothes to see how it goes with your wardrobe?