New resort Prada bags

  1. Hi all,

    Just got these from Eric at Soho Prada. Got the change purse, purple bag and the black frame bag---like the silver on the SFA website. Had already purchased the bow bag in leather that was shown earlier.

  2. More pictures
  3. Pics?
    Cant see anything!
  4. Love the pink but I'm not that daring, wish I was, got the black frame bag hiding in the back.[​IMG]
  5. Oh No, I can see them. Posting from photobucket from Eric. What did I do wrong?
  6. I can't see them either and I'm desperate to see them! Can you save them to your own computer and then upload them from there?
  7. Shoot!! I can't see them either!!! Waaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!
  8. need pics!!! ahhhh!!!
  9. AHH, please tell me you can see them now.....I can see them when, HELP.

  10. ^Load them to free)
  11. Oops might me getting the hang of this.
  12. Two more...
  13. ^ooh! I See It!lol! Yeah!!!!!
    Its tiny and u cant click to enlarge it..SO CUTE!Wish I could see more
  14. Last one....
  15. What is the purple one...Measurements/Price?SO CUTE!