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  1. It was always a pleasure working with you Diego... good luck in your new endeavors! Keep in touch with us! :smile:
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    okay, so i have a MBMJ voyage satchel with a broken lobster clasp on the detachable strap. i emailed them and asked if i could get a replacement. first email i sent, i detailed what was broken, and included a stock photo of the bag. they replied and asked me to send an 'actual' picture of the bag. i did. then they get back to me saying they dont replace straps.

    shouldn't they have said that at the beginning? they send me now im trying to see if they'll fix the broken piece i have. which will most likely take a while. it's literally a piece that glues on. they didn't apply enough glue so it popped off. easy fix, but seems ridiculous for me to have to send it in, wait weeks, and not even be sure what kinda job they're going to to (based on other members experiences so far) :sad:

    here's the attached repair policy, just FYI girls...

  3. Wow this is crazy and strange.

    I contacted repairs dept earlier this year they fixed two of my bags.

    1) MJ Carla:was missing the top zipper head and they replaced it.
    2) MJ Small Cecilia had the broken loop for the chain strap.

    I emailed Josh and he was very prompt.He sent me the SRO number the same day and withing 3 weeks I got my bags back looking like new.

    Maybe contacting Josh directly may help? Josh's email:
  4. ^ that's who i spoke with. after providing more pics, he agreed to fix the strap and sent me an SRO form...
  5. Dear Diego,

    Good luck and all the best with your future endeavours. You are the best! :heart:

  6. I have had nothing but hassle and extremely long waits while dealing with Marc Jacobs Repairs (MJR).

    My DW's Classic Q Little Ukita bag strap had a "dog leash" fail (see pic 1). Contacted Josh @ MJR and he got me an SRO right away. (I bought the bag for her as a Valentines gift last year)

    The entire bag and strap (as requested by MJR) was received @ MJR on 3/16. It was "repaired" and finally returned on 4/13. The "repair" was horrible (see pic 2, 3). It looked like they put the hardware in a vise and hammered it back together. It would not turn freely, and bind up. Unacceptable.

    Contacted Josh immediately and ask for this to be resolved. I was told a new strap was not possible. I asked for them to issue a return label and it be fixed correctly. His only option to me was to send it back in again (on my dime), but only the strap was needed this time. He promised "it would rushed and back to me in no time". I was not satisfied and asked to speak to the person in charge of the facility and apparently he is the person in charge. He would not issue a return label on the botched repair.

    Reluctantly I did send the strap back on my dime. DW would love to use the bag as designed, it is her day to day bag.

    The strap was received @ MJR on 5/23. It is now 7/12 and I still have not received the strap back. I have been in constant communication asking for updates and when it will be completed, only to go unanswered or told "we are backed up", or "I'll check on it" and my favorite "I should have it back to you by the end of the week (that was on 6/18!)".

    Hope you guys/gals have better luck than I have. My DW hopes to get the properly repaired strap back sometime this year........



  7. That is unacceptable! The pics show an atrocious "repair" job. If I have issues with any of my bags, I'll think twice before sending them for repairs.
  8. OMG! I could have written this same exact thing about MJ repairs!!!

    I'm still waiting on a re-repair sent to them at the beginning of June (that was also suppose to be 'rushed' and 'over-nighted' back to me). As of yesterday, they said they are unable to ship or receive anything this week, but should be back on track next week. Part of me does not even want to get it back because I am not very confident in their workmanship.

    What a headache! Beware of MJ repairs!

  9. Hello ladies, sorry to dig up an old thread, but I'm new here and can't start my own post yet :smile:

    My MJ Lil Ukita "dog leash" strap broke the other day - the exact same thing as what Mr Mark posted above. I emailed and someone named Pleshett emailed me a form and SRO # and told me to just send the strap in for replacement.

    I'm just wondering if anyone has had any recent experience with the repairs department? Reading here makes me terrified to send me strap in in fear that it will either take forever, or they'll do a terrible repair job.
    It's not clear to me if they're fixing the strap or sending me a replacement.
  10. Diego was awesome. I don't know about recent though.
  11. I was wondering if anyone from Canada has sent in a bag for repairs. If so, how did it go?

    I won a Stam on eBay and the frame is not aligned tightly on one side. It's not a huge deal but I would like it fixed if possible. Depending on the hassle, since I'm in Canada.

    Any feedback from Canadians would be great appreciated.

  12. Can anyone tell me why my MBMJ baby Groovee's zip is way smoother than my Mj quilted iPad case and Mj Madison satchel which also had a falling off zipper pull!

    Seems to me I should have stuck with MBMJ instead of going to Mj...

    I'm wondering it I should send the bag back to MJR to have the zipper pull fixed or just DIY, I mean, i think they will just do the same thing so I might as well do it myself right?

    Or will they do simple repairs like this in the boutique itself?
  13. Every bag is different. Baby Groovee never seemed to have that smooth of a zipper. Maybe you got lucky and got a good one, but got a bad MJ zipper.
  14. Hi Girls, I have been struggling with the repairs department for 2-3 months now - just found this thread - wish diego was still around to help by the sounds of it!
  15. I just wanted to update, because I was the one who dug this thread up asking about the repairs department. I sent my dogleash strap from my Lil Ukita in and had a perfectly repaired strap sent back to me less than 2 weeks later. I'm extremely pleased, and the quality of work is great! Sorry to hear not everyone has had the same experience.