New repairs contact dept

  1. Hello Everyone!
    Please note a change in the contact for the Repairs Department:
    Send all SRO requests/questions to Josh Brugnola at

    NEW ADDRESS (please discontinue sending repairs to Moda)

    Toll Global Forwarding
    Marc Jacobs Repairs
    ATTN: Josh
    800 Federal Boulevard
    Carteret,NJ 07008

    Thank you and ciao

  2. i sent my repair to the old address on Dec 13th.
    would my package be transfered?
  3. Thank you Diego!It seems like you have been promoted :thinking: :drinkup:
    Do you have the same postal address as Josh? In case I need to send you a Christmas Card ;)
  4. Thanks Diego for the update!
  5. Thank you for the update!
  6. All bags were transfered to the new location.
    I will be working with QC Dept(Quality Control), also I will be with Josh

  7. Good Morning,

    How's everything going with MJ Customer Services and Repairs?

    Let me know please


  8. Oops... Wrong post.
  9. Terrific!! I lost the lock on my Marky wallet and received a replacement within 2 weeks of sending an email.
  10. Hi Diego! I just send Josh an email this morning in regards to a repair that was completed a couple months ago. I had my pttm Natasha strap fixed because the seam was separating, and the new edge paint is peeling off. It wasn't so bad at first, but as I wear it, it's just getting worse. :sad:

    Hopefully we can come up with a good solution! I appreciate you taking the time to check in on tPF! :smile:
  11. Hello Diego !

    I have sent several emails to both, and I got a reply at first with my SRO number from Federica Garbuglia, but after that it has been silence for over 3 weeks. I have sent many emails, but i dont get any reply. I only need a replacement strap for my girlfriends new Colorblocked messenger bought at the Saks in NYC 2 months ago. She lost it and is so upset. We live in Norway so it is hard for us to take it to the store.

    Can you please help me?
  12. Dear friends,

    Please note that I am not longer Marc Jacobs employee...It was a pleasure meet all of you. I hope the new guy Josh can help and assist you pretty ladies.

    Keep in touch!!!


  13. ^ off to bigger and better things no doubt. thanks so much for helping all of us out, you wont be forgotten....DIEGO IS THE BESTEST! :heart:

    off to try my hand at the new repairs...asking for a replacement strap. i'll keep you gals updated.
  14. Good luck Diego in you new ventures! :heart: :smile:
  15. Good luck with getting the strap. I have struggled 2 months now and still no strap