*new* repair results *with pictures*

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  1. Hello everyone! I hope you all had a good holiday and have been enjoying the new year. I would like to share my experience with getting my Billfold with 6 Credit Card Slots in Monogram Canvas and my Pocket Organizer in Ardoise Taiga Leather re-varnished (a process known on TPF as reglazing). Both items had bad glazing issues but luckily Louis Vuitton waived the repair charges and is repairing them for free. I cannot wait to share the results with you all on TPF. The Pocket Organizer had to be restitched because they said loose stitching that was LV's fault is what caused the glazing issues and they said they didn't put enough glazing on the billfold.

    Anyways, just wanted to share my happiness with them because they waived the charges.
  2. Good to hear!
  3. Yes, I was very happy! However I was upset because my products shouldn't have had issues with the glazing but I guess I just have bad luck!
  4. Please share the results! My 12 year old French purse was sent to Paris yesterday for stitching repair. It's on a holiday!
  5. I just got my items back from repair. I'm glad it was a free repair, but I'm a little disappointed with the results on my Pocket Organizer. The Monogram came out AMAZING though!!!
  6. As you can see, the glazing is bubbling pretty badly and it's very rough to the touch. However, I just wanted to see what you all thought of it. Overall I'm still really happy with their customer service and I'm going to use the Pocket Organizer until it needs reglazing again.

  7. And other than that one side, the wallet is perfect so I'm so happy with the repairs that I had done.
  8. AGAIN???
    OMG You are so unlucky with your Louis Vuitton items! You are the unluckiest person ever! Seriously! How many of these threads can one person start!??
  9. Honestly I would not have accepted a repaired item with that glazing job 😥
  10. are you being sarcastic? I mean, the glazing is just bubbling in that part and I haven't used it since it's been repaired, so I guess it's not that bad. My Monogram wallet turned out great though!
  11. Yes. I am definitely being sarcastic.
  12. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1457563867.213202.jpg

    Whoops, looks like they missed a spot! (Middle of picture below) ImageUploadedByPurseForum1457563941.877967.jpg

  13. So I should be happy go lucky that the glazing is almost in a way as bad as before I got it? Sorry just not understanding why you're being rude to me at the moment. But they did do an amazing job on my Monogram wallet that I couldn't be happier about. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1457564052.770171.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1457564079.510936.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1457564098.216761.jpg

  14. And I may be a little crazy about glazing, but that's just my thing. I'm sure I'm not the only one on these forums who's anal about the glazing on their products.

    Anyways, I know everyone on TPF probably thinks I'm the world's biggest whiner. But I'm not complaining, I'm just saying they could have done a better job. I'm not sending it back or anything and I am incredibly happy that the repairs were free for my items. I received amazing customer service and I am incredibly satisfied with both of my items.
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    I am not being rude. I am noticing that since you bought this pocket organizer, you have started many threads to complain about the item, the service you have received, the quality, etc... I am just amazed at how unlucky you are! We never heard complaints about your many Birkin bags... maybe Hermès would meet your expectations better? Since your first LV purchase in the Fall of 2014, it seems you have constantly been disappointed by the company. It's just very unfortunate.

    I have followed your many threads and posts very closely. I am simply making an informed observation.