New releases / look book news, what I remember ~long~

  1. OK...tried really hard to 'memorize' the look book, which is so fat.

    As many of of said, I am still not a fan of much in the S/S line, but there was new releases that I am going to love....made me want to hijack the book!

    OK, S/S...that hasn't been talked about alot (or at least I haven't seen it)

    There is a line of denim, that isn't patchwork. It has blue buttons all over it.
    One of the multicolor button bags is called kidding, too bad it's ugly. The dot rounds have the inventuer design embossed on the front of them...way cute!

    There are two new messengers, called Outdoor PM/MM/GM, that have gold mesh across the front.

    Damier lovers...I know why I have been holding out a tote/shoulder bag, I :heart: ...called the Hampstead....really cute, looks alot like batignolles with the clip top, and leather corners at the bottom...think mc speedy, but in leather. Available in GM, MM, PM. pleaty line...XXL (that's a new one), GM, shoulder, and clutch. I love the clutch has inside snaps for removable straps like pochette twin.

    EPI...the new ivory, of couse, and 3 new styles...all look kinda like bowlers, or bowling bags. bag, I swear called 'handbag', lol...a neo audra, and shoulder a shoulder bag with lizard trim, white with trim available in dark pink, dark blue and violet, Black with trim availanle in lt. pink, lilac and lime.

    Denim...cles, rond and 2 new zip wallets

    :sweatdrop: I think that's it.
  2. Cool!
    Did the polka dot rounds come in different colors?
  3. Yeah! the MC 'handbag', how does it look like, and the price range?
  4. White, green, orange...maybe pink:confused1:
  5. thanks Tink! :flowers:
  6. ohh the damier and mono stuff sounds interesting! thanks for the info!
  7. thanks
  8. Thanks so much for the info! :nuts: Can't wait for the new Epi Ivory...will there be a Noe? :shrugs:
  9. Oh, lots of Vuitton Cup stuff too...

    and the mens line with the big black and yellow flowers.

    The new rolling duffle, 50 and 60 available.
  10. Really sounds nice... Thanks Twinkle...
  11. Yep, all the current styles, plus new styles available in the Ivory...oh and red is not discountinued as rumored.
  12. Thanks...I'm excited to see the new MC handbag!:p
  13. Kinda of like a mini bowler. 1000-1200 if memory serves me right.
  14. Lovely, lovely! I wonder how the green or pink rond would look with my black speedy? :graucho: :devil:
  15. Thanks!
    There are a couple of good pictures of some of the items in the new Harper's Bazaar w/Drew Barrymore on the cover. There's one of a polka dotted button bag in there that has a decent closeup of the logos on the buttons.