New releases being updated on website tonight at midnight

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  1. I just got off the phone with a customer service representative and they told me that there’s going to be a big update tonight on the website at midnight eastern time.
    He said he wasn’t suppose to give out this info, but I was inquiring about an item I wanted and he was trying to beat around the bush and tell me to go on the website tonight around midnight that maybe it will be there. He finally just said that there’s an update tonight and it will be available at midnight and not to wait too long.

    Not sure how relevant this info is but thought I’d share :smile:
  2. Omg. I am so excited. I hope it’s not a price increase, lmao.
  3. Lol I don’t think so! I think they’re just releasing some of the new stuff.
  4. :yahoo:
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  5. Is it for the new giant monogram pieces because I looooove those sneak peeks I’ve seen on Insta!
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  6. I’m really not sure what’s being released, he seemed nervous talking about it really.
    But he did say a lot was going to be. The item I want is the Kirogami set and he said it would be available then.
  7. I think the Valentine’s vernis pieces will be in this bunch.
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  8. That would make sense!
    I heard there will be another release mid feb so curious to see what will be released tonight.
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  9. Can’t wait :smile:
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  10. isn't the kirogami set already available? I thought I saw it
  11. I couldn’t find it on the website so that’s when I called and they told me it’s being released tonight. :confused1:
  12. Looks like the european websites have been updated with Virgil's Oz/prism stuff. Most that I can see is phone or call to store, or (Prism keepall) sold out.
  13. midnight where?
  14. I believe those are reserved for spring and fall
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  15. #15 Jan 17, 2019
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    I hope it's not a price increase either...that would be good joke though...but not funny at the expense of those of us that are poor
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