New Releases at LV: Speedy 35 Damier and...

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  1. Great news! I talked to my SA yesterday and was told that Speedy 35 Damier and Azur are scheduled to be released on 9/01. Additionally, the new L Mahina bag and zippy organizer in Vernis will also arrive that day. Needless to say, I've already got my name on the waiting list because a speedy 35 Azur will be the perfect birthday present for my girlfriend
  2. Great news!! Thanks for sharing. It seems like 1st Sept must be a heaven day :cloud9:
  3. oooh, im excited for the mahina L
  4. I can't wait to see all of the new threads after Sept 1!
  5. great news!! thanks for sharing :tup:... I'm interested new Mahina...
  6. Great news
  7. What a sweetie pie thing to do OP! Wow. A Damier 35.....:drool: Can't wait for all the new pictures! I'm afraid I'm going to be on a ban for such beautiful as they are......:heart:
  8. Wow! That's good news! Thanks for sharing :smile:
  9. Lucky girlfriend!!!
  10. A Damier 35 :drool: :yahoo: This is exciting!
  11. Thanks for sharing.
  12. i love the 35 so that's great news!!! your girlfriend will be so happy to get one!
  13. Awesome. Thanks for the update.
  14. OMG!!!! I had been thinking of special ordering both the Azur and Ebene in the 35 size. Oh wow.....this is great news!!!!!
  15. It will be Vernis Zippy Organizer and Vernis Zippy Coin Purse!