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  3. Awww I love the Snow Globe.
  4. awwww i love the cute mini lockit. I love how they miniaturize (is that a word?) everything...!!!! They need to do that more often!
  5. They are both so fantastic!
  6. The snow globe is gorgeous! :drool:
  7. Cute, but I would not put any, I mean ANY louis vuitton luggage in the snow.
  8. ^lol
  9. wowww the white mc lockit is so cute!!!!
  10. :love:.......The snowglobe is so pretty!!
  11. love them both
  12. That snowglobe is TDF. When will they be in the stores?
  13. super cute mini lockit!
  14. i wish they would miniturize the prices as well lol
  15. The lockit is cute...
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