"New" Reissue

  1. Just thought I'd let everyone know that the large (277) Reissues in black with silver hardware have arrived at the NY store. If you're on the list and they have enough to fulfill the list, you should get a call today.

    Mine is on its way! Oh--btw, the bronze bags apparently have not yet arrived. So it might be awhile until we see photos!
  2. Can't wait to see yours!
  3. Hey wicked I already have a black reissue and would love to get one in bronze. Is the NYC Chanel the only one that will have the "new reissues" available for sale? If yes, who do you know there so I can call and get my name on the list for the bronze?

  4. I dealt w/Brandon when I was calling about this bag! he's great.
  5. Call the Boutiques like bal harbour and ny or call the Chanel 1800 # and they will have the boutique that has the bronze on order add you to their wait list,
  6. Hi,

    I'm interest in the bronze reissue. What is color like? Leather in bronze? Hardware in bronze? Thanks
  7. What would be more valuable (not just monetary, but more of a collectors item) the 2005 reissue or 2006?
  8. I think only time will tell. It depends on how many of each bag was made and if Chanel continues making these bags in the future.

    One thing that I like about the 2005 reissue vs. the 2006 reissue is that the 2005s are stamped with "2.55 - 2005" on the inside flap of the bag. The 2006 reissues do not have any kind of marking.
  9. When I talked to Branden today he said that at the Chanel trunk show he was told that none of the department store boutiques would get these black and bronze 2.55 with silver hardware. He also said that he was told that the NY boutique (the flagship boutique as he referred to it) was only getting 6 in each color in each size. So 6 black 227, 6 black 227, 6 bronze 226 and 6 bronze 227.:yes:
  10. When I was in Bergdorf this evening they had reissues out. The SA made it very clear that they were not for sale at this time, and were only a "preview" of the upcoming Fall collection. They had a black/silver chain 225 (which Chanel did not receive recently), a bronze 227, and a brownish color 227. I can't imagine that Bergdorf would be showcasing the bags if they are not planning on selling them.
  11. oh wow... i want to see them! how much are they going for?
  12. That does go against what Branden told me over the telephone. I think I might call my Chanel here at NM and see if they'll be carrying these bags. If they are not as limited as Branden made them out to be I will be disappointed.:huh:
  13. Oh Wicked,I can't wait to see pics of your bag!!! :nuts:
  14. I'm going to be disappointed too! Especially since I could order through BG, get points on my NM card, and NOT pay tax... Oh well. I've already got the bag shipped out to me.
  15. Someone at tFS has also reported seeing the black reissue with silver chain at another Chanel boutique. (BH,wherever or whatever that may be).

    I have never believed that Chanel made 6 pieces of a bag that could make them millions,and even though they are a European company,sent all six to NYC.