New reissue VS Preloved reissue

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Would you consider buying a reissue

  1. Preloved

    29 vote(s)
  2. Brand spankin new

    27 vote(s)
  1. I would love to get some input if you personally found that buying a new reissue was important to you because it had a brand new fresh look and smell even though they don't hold their value the same as the classic flap and you could get a good condition preloved bag at a fraction of the cost. Does anyone regret buying preloved and wish they had bought new or vice versa? I would appreciate the feedback.
  2. For me personally I don’t buy pre-loved in general. It’s just me. But this bag is very expensive so I can understand getting it pre-loved!
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  3. I got a beautiful preloved reissue (227) from a trustworthy reseller with box, card, dustbag And that New bag smell :biggrin: , I was very happy with my purchase since it was in mint condition.
    As always preloved requires some research but when you know what you are looking for, the hunt is half of the pleasure ( in my view) :nuts:.
    Good luck!
  4. I don’t buy pre-loved because I am paranoid of replicas.
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  5. I suppose it just comes down to personal preferences. For me, buying preloved is time consuming as you have to do your extra research and know what you’re looking for. Buying preloved online also often comes with all that import duties/taxes/shipping/handling fees that I couldn’t be bothered with. Where I live, there aren’t that many consignment stores for you to look and browse and try (I’m a very much look and browse and try and am very particular with how things look on me). I only buy what I have seen and is available when it comes to purchasing new too (can’t be bothered with waitlist/maintaining relationships with sa) even if that means paying more for an item as compared to what you could’ve saved. My views are time is valuable and that time could’ve been better spent doing other things, but that’s just me!
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  6. I bought a pre loved reissue and sold it in 6 months. I find the reissue is so different on each bag that I wouldn't get one that was unrefundable. I think pre loved is fine but maybe better to get it from a seller that accepts returns. I got mine and didn't like it and was stuck with it. Lost money on it even though it was pre loved and was heavily discounted. Even in the store each reissue felt different and in the end I didn't feel like paying full price as I wasn't that in love with it. I would recommend seeing them in store and going by how you feel!
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  7. I've bought a few bags preloved online and in-store and I've never had a problem. In fact, for certain brands I prefer it. That being said, whether you're buying it online or you're buying it from a brick and mortar consignment/secondhand store I would check and see who does their authenticating and what their return policy is. If either one is willing to do refunds/returns don't be afraid to get a second opinion if you'er still concerned about the authenticity. I'd steer clear of anywhere that says once you've bought the bag it's yours no ifs, ands, or buts.

    If you're still unsure about buying preloved you should also ask yourself if you think the new reissue is worth what Chanel is asking for. Is there something else you could do/get with the extra cash you'd save going preloved? Remember, the buyer sets the price.
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  8. I have a few vintage flaps that are preloved and I am very familiar with reputable sellers. I was just curious about the Reissue because its a bag that sells at a great price through the reseller market unlike the classic flaps that don't budge much. Thanks for your advice :smile:
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  9. I am torn when it comes to the reissue because of the reseller market and the great prices they go for but I do believe the new smell and fresh leather is wonderful and the leather of the reissue is very unique to each reissue as well so that's something to consider. I appreciate everyone's insight!
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  10. Yes, great point! Thank you
  11. I bought a navy with shw in 226 preloved from a consignment store .The reason being that combination was hardly seen out there especially for resell .The bag was hardly used and got a good deal for it .All my Chanel bags are preloved except for my woc and I have about 6 ,mostly mini and flap .It all depends on your research ,the seller if you trust them and the condition of the bag .Good luck in your search .
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  12. I purchased a preloved 225 for the very reason that they don’t hold their value. Purchased it from a reputable seller and it is in immaculate condition. Definitely do not regret it.
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  13. I had a similar debate but ultimately, I bought new because I wanted to inspect and see/feel (and compare with others if possible) the bag first.
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  14. Store experience is not important to me (I'm a result oriented person. Just wanna own that bag lol). I've purchased and sold many preloved bags. At current retail price, I'm never ever going to buy a C bag from boutique. Chanel is going crazy.
    In preloved market here, buyer can easily inspect the item before payment.
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  15. I have a friend that bought one preloved but sold it recently due to it looking "too old". She'd definitely repurchase it again in a newer-looking condition though.

    I also had the same problem but ended up buying new from boutique last month as what was said above, each one feels different (also due to the looming price increase in Aus). I was considering purchasing one from consignment as the previous owner had only used it once but it sold out before it even listed and I'm a bit fussy (when it comes to spending so much I'd prefer new :angel:)
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