New Reissue Colors---info

  1. Not sure if this has been posted already but i talked to a Chanel rep today and was told that when new reissues come out in the "same" color that there is always something "different"

    She showed me the new metallic black and it IS absolutely different. It has more of a gunmetal look to it.

    Then she showed me the new dark silver and it IS absolutely different. it has a violet/purpule undertone to it. Its not as bronzy as the old dark silver.
    I actually love it but its still too close to the old dark silver for me to justify buying one

    She also showed me that the new reissues are wider in width at the bottom giving them slightly more room inside than the old ones.

    Anyway--just wanted to let you all know:heart:
  2. thanks for the information! good for a newbie like me :tup:
    several of the pics from PFers who've gotten their bags show comparisons with older reissues...they're great visual aids
  3. thanks so much for sharing these info:tup: im really glad that the new reissues will be more wider in width at the bottom. just gives me more reason to love them;)

  4. Oops. I didnt realize that other PFers showed comparision pics. I thought I might be giving new info. LOL
  5. Thanks for sharing. This is good news since I tend to carry more in my bag than I should! On the other hand, I really loved the color of the '07 dark silver... :drool: I have yet to see '07 and '08 dk silver IRL though!!
  6. Thanks for the info! I'm glad to see and hear that they have made the reissues wider. I'm more likely to get one now (hopefully!), since I tend to like and need bigger bags.
  7. Thanks for the post - I can't wait to see the new black!
  8. i definitely like a wider bottom also; i often wish my 05? 06? dark gold/bronze was slightly bigger

  9. the black is sooo :love: ~ but no! ~ i daren't even think about it! ~ :lecture:
  10. thanks for sharing the info......sounds different than my previous 07 MB reissue.
  11. Oh, I thought they were the same. I sold my 07 MB with silver chain a few months ago and just bought a 08 MB with gold chain. I can't really tell the difference. Now, I really want to do a comparison.
  12. Thanks for the infor. I can't wait until my DS 226 arrived.
  13. thanks for sharing...I want the black!