New Red Vernis Accessory Prices!

  1. Hi tPFers,

    I just talked to an SA at SCP this morning and she said that the heart-shaped coin "purse" will be $350.00 and the envelope plate will be $390.00 and will be available for purchase on January 1st!!

    I put my name down on the waiting list for the heart-shaped coin purse since she said this was a limited edition.:heart:

    Can't wait to see IRL!! She said the color was TDF!
  2. Ooh that's not as much as I thought it'd be! Thanks! :party:
  3. Oooh thanks for the heads up. :yes:
  4. Yay... Another item to put my name down for! Thanks for heads up!
  5. Thanks for that update....can't wait:yahoo:
  6. Thanks for the update..
  7. Thanks for the info!
  8. Thanks for the info!!! I want that envelope! :yahoo:
  9. You're welcome, fellow tPFers! I hope we all get what we want with this new color!!!:graucho:
  10. Thanks so much for the info. You saved me a call:smile:
  11. thanks for the info :smile:
  12. yayy! affordable!
  13. Can't wait to see it in person!! Thanks for the info!
  14. is the color like 'Dry blood' as other TPFer mentioned? I really love the disc. red, hope to find some left overs through 866 ^^;

  15. The SA at SCP said that the color was really dark red. When I talked to my regular SA at Neiman Marcus last week, she said the new red color is totally gorgeous. So much so that she likes it better than the framboise color. She wanted me to see it right away especially the Roxbury Drive in this new red. Can't wait to see it!!!