New Red - va va voom

  1. Ok i admit i've always been a Marc Jacobs fan, but this horsebit hobo has been on my mind for the longest time. And so it was time to bring it home... :yahoo: i actually got it during the Saks sale, just thought i'd post some pics here to share. ;)


    Gorgeous little details :flowers: The leather is soooo yummy and soft, i haven't broken it out yet though :shame:

    Now...for my next Gucci? Large horsebit hobo of course! :nuts: in BLACK!

    Thanks for viewing.:yes:
  2. Gorgeous :love:
  3. Yup, I got the same one from the Saks sale. It is gorgeous. Every time I look at it, I say Wow!!! :yes:
  4. Love the color and just love the horsebit hobos!
  5. HOT! HOT! HOT! Looks like Sak's has been good to alot of us!
  6. gorgeous, the color is stunning! congrats!! :biggrin:
  7. Great color!
  8. Great horsebit hobo I got it in navy? Which Saks did you get yours from?
  9. Love the color!!
  10. Oooh I saw that at the Gucci store on sale. It's so cute, may I ask how much did it come out to? Did you get at the final cut sale?
  11. What a COLOR!!! :heart: it!
  12. :love:
  13. That red is hot!
  14. Nice bag, :heart: the color. Congrats.
  15. i didn't get it at the final cut sale (i think that would be impossible) :P Just so happens a friend was returning hers, so i went along with her so i could repurchased. Got it at $440 + NY tax. :yahoo:
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