New red Passy pm !! :)

  1. I tried Passy with a long strap on in the store...I know Passy is not made to have a strap on!! :nuts:but it was really working out fine! :P....I love the look of the pm .....allthough I would love to have the hands free some times - The red strap where sold out....hope they'll get some soon :smile:
    passy 1.JPG passy 2.JPG passy 3.JPG passy 4.JPG passy 5.JPG
  2. Stunning bag, looks great on you!
  3. It looks gorgeous on you. Congrats!
  4. I loooove red epi so very, very much!!
    That is a great looking bag & it really looks good on you. Perfect for the holidays & Valentines is around the corner, bright & cheery for summer, it's the perfect color red.

    Congratulations!!!!! It is wonderful.
  5. That's absolutely beautiful!
  6. OK Freekin' Love that bag! You look Fabulous! Congrats! I want!......LOL.....:devil:
  7. Beautiful!
  8. bag looks great on you, congrat's
  9. congratulations!!!

    ahhhhhhhhhhh this is my next bag!!!!!! i want it in black though. :nuts:
  10. wow, pretty! it is really beautyful on you!!!
  11. Oh, I love it! Congrats!
  12. Absolutely stunning. Congrats!!!
  13. Gorgeous, classy bag! I love the Passy, and it looks amazing in red! Congrats!
  14. Thank you all !! You are all so very kind :love: :heart:
  15. looks great on u!!!!