New Red Paddy from NAP today

  1. Well this is trully the first paddy that I have found that I am keeping! OMG I love everything about it - the leather softness and smooshy and the colour is to die for. I LOVE IT

  2. WOW WOW WOW!!!

    Is this the best bargain we have ever had in the history of the world Secret_shopoholic

    It is completely devine, I bet you are amazed with it! :biggrin:
  3. :nuts: That is one hot!!! Congratulations! Be sure and post pics of you wearing it in the new "Your Chloe in Action" section!! :yes:
  4. CONGRATS!!!!!! GORGEOUS colour - enjoy!!!!!!!
  5. Gorgeous bag did you buy it from NAP? I was leary to order all the way from England! CONGRATS!
  6. Hi Mrs

    Yes I got it from NAP for a steal! Don't be afraid to order from England. If you read in the deals and steals section you will see just how pleased everyone all around the world is with their amazing speedy service. Only one thing to look out for you is the charges etc. Maybe they have the red on on the International Site - I haven't looked at that one.

    You wouldn't regret it is all I can say
  7. I've never ordered from them but my neighbor has. She ordered a Chocolate paddy and requested they overnight it. When it came it was Tan...she called them and they overnighted the Chocolate to her and she got it less than 24 hours later.....even before she had sent them the Tan back. Great service! :yes:
  8. Thanks Secret shopper! You got it on the american site? You got a real find then!!!!!! It's not on sale anymore! Lucky lady! :smile:
  9. Hi Shoegal no I got it on the UK site. I am not sure if it ever went for sale on the International one.
  10. ^the Uk site is the international site
  11. OH
    GOD....:love: :love: :love:

    Is it Christmas yet....??:nuts: :graucho: :heart:

  12. OH WOW!!!! I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gorgeous!
  13. :heart: OOOOOOHH ! soooo pretty! I so wanted this bag...would have gotten it if it was sold on the US site...w/customs,etc. it would have come out a bit over 1000 USD, so i held back....esp. since I just bought a whiskey.
  14. Ah Mintpearl the Whiskey will be a dream come true,
    Chicky yeah I think my 2007 Christmas has came early!
    Thanks for everyones kind comments
  15. Gorgeous!!