New Red Marina GM in addition to my blue Marina PM!!!

  1. I now have the Marina in both colors! Got the blue Marina PM last Wednesday and got the red GM earlier today. Soooo happy!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
    redmarina_gm.JPG marinagm2.JPG marina_twins.JPG
  2. congrats! post pics!!
  3. Oh wow ... congrats! Got pics?
  4. OOH!Can we see pics of both side by side for size comparison?
  5. wow congrats
  6. thank you, ladies....just posted them now:smile:
  7. You have both sizes :wtf:. Oh my goodness, I can't believe you got both! And in both colors. Congrats! I'm so happy for you :yahoo:. They're the same style but the 2 sizes give it such a different look. Enjoy your bags, they're great.
  8. Ooo they are so pretty congrats!
  9. awesome ... congrats again!
  10. Lucky lady, congrats
  11. They are both gorgeous, congrats!
  12. Can u model the GM..Im trying to figure out which size to buy!LOL!
  13. The red marina GM is beautiful!!

    Congrats on your twins =)
  14. congrats !
  15. awsome, congrats! i love the size of the blue one but red color