New Red Elisha - Dirty Handles?

  1. Hi All! Well, I ordered a Red Elisha, received her last week from Kooba and just got her out of the box to look closely and spray with TLC today, after looking at it closely, the handles look almost dirty. Well, actually just one of the I didn't spray yet and haven't worn, just decided I would see what you ladies thought?

    And there also seems to be a little pit mark on the front (that is really the only way I can describe it). Is this something normal? As the leather is distressed, or should this be something I do an exchange on?
  2. I also noticed a scratch on the bottom and some other areas that seem to look dirty, I decided to do an exchange...don't want the bag to come to me dirty or used before I even have a chance to take her out!
  3. Can anyone tell me how Kooba's customer service will be on this? I haven't had any experience with them! Thanks! :smile:
  4. Glad you are going to exchange the bag. Did they have another to send you? I have never dealt with Kooba but I have emailed them before to ask questions and not once did I get a response. I am sure everything will be alright though.
  5. They do seem to have a few more on the website, so that is why I decided to do the exchange, the bag I received looked like it had been worn to me...

    I am hoping that they do have another for me! Keep those fingers crossed! Thanks shockey :flowers:
  6. Sounds like they sent you a "return". That's not nice. Kooba won't do anything for you but AE should be fair with you. I hope that have one to send you, preferably a "new" one. I think they should discount returned bags.
  7. Hi Lexie!

    At the time I ordered it active endeavors didn't have any, so I ordered from I am hoping they correct the situation. I didn't really feel comfortable paying that much for a bag that seemed worn. Hopefully I can get a new one!!!!

    Active endeavors looks like they have them, but there is a star next to it? What does that mean??
  8. mrsbag, I hope Kooba put this right and manage to replace your Elisha. You paid good money for that bag and you deserve a perfect one. Fingers crossed it gets resolved okay.
  9. Thanks Mini! Me too! I called them today and so they knew FOR SURE that I wanted a replacement and to set one aside, I shipped the bag back today so I am hoping all will go smoothly with getting it replaced!